Alteem automatic registration control system uses superior technology, which enables more accuracy, efficiency and productivity. ARC is a registration controller designed in order to obtain maximum operation flexibility combined with best reduction in scraps.
  • Automatic search for registration mark
  • User-friendly HMI
  • Digital oscilloscope to detect mark displacement
  • High speed embedded board is used for data processing and communication with industrial CPU
  • The latest state-of-the-art FPGA technology gives control command to the interface cards of the motor driving system for registration controls
  • Database for job storage, which includes unit register setting. We can also recall the old job
  • The embedded card measures vertical and horizontal error parallel of all color and transmits the requirement data to motor control of all colours.
Sensor Measurement Accuracy 0.01 mm
Sensor Type Fiber Optic sensing head
Detected Mark Type Wedge mark, Rectangular Mark
Mark Displacement Limit ± 10 mm
Mark Size Width 3 to 15 mm
Display Parameters Machine speed, Registration error
Control Mode Auto/Manual
Speed range 5 to 300 m/min
Max. No. of station 10 no. of printing station
CPU Industrial grade with 17″ touch screen
Encoder 1000 PPR encoder with its interface hardware
The panel consists of embedded board connected to the sensor card and SSR driving card which control the AC step motor. Necessary cables and connectors are used to connect the sensor and panel.
Colour Sensor
A optical colour sensor with fibre optics for individual printing station, measures registration marks and transforms them to electric pulse. The high quality lens ensures the recognition of even low contrast marks on any substrate material. LED device in place of bulb is used to provide long life light source without heating. lmm light spot allows reading small registration mark up to 3 mm. Optical colour sensor amplifies weak signals typically of light colours.
Powerful Hardware
The high speed industrial computer used for HMI software that guarantees high reliability of operation. This unit comprises of a SSD card, RAM and Industrial motherboard. This CPU UNIT is connected to the embedded board which is placed in control panel. Encoder 1000 PPR encoder with its industrial grade hardware is used for gate generation and speed measurement.
Human Machine Interface
The HMI is user friendly. It gives a complete visual presentation of the task and the colour registration. It displays important dynamic information for the machine’s speed, horizontal and vertical error, analysis and other vital information.
The Optical colour sensor on individual stations detects the mark continuously when the machine is running and speedily calculates the registration error and conveys it to the control unit. The control unit generates necessary motor control output in order to correct error. The system will control registration error, independent of machine speed.
Presetting & Dry Setting
Preset registration system automatically places all compensator position to coarse registration mark, prior to printing for the old saved jobs. Preset greatly reduces the start-up wastage during every new print job. Dryset registration system automatically places all compensator position to coarse registration mark, prior to printing for the new print job. This is used for unsaved job.
Auto Safety
System will automatically display out-of-range when register mark is not seen or the mark is not clear due to printing problem.
Touch Screen
User-friendly icons ensure ease to use and understand.
Main Screen Features
  • Add/modify the new job as per requirements
  • Recall the old saved jobs
  • Simultaneously put the system in Auto-vertical and Auto-horizontal mode in all stations
  • Graphical visualization of all colors and set the gate value
  • Analysis of various parameters of the process
Real Time Display
Dedicated screen provides real time error trend display by unit and by registration type.
Automatic Mark Search
Gate can set automatically by clicking on the Auto search. It automatically puts the gate according to selected master slaves to save the time.